Ph.D. Alumni

NameThesis TitleGraduation YearEmployer
Dae-Sung Jang
Discretization of geometric cover problem and its application 2015Korea Aerospace University
Su-Jin Lee
A potential game approach to sensor network planning problems 2017Samsung Electronics
Keum-Seong Kim
Grouping-based methods for decentralized task allocation in communication-contested environment 2018Samsung Electronics
Jae-Hoon Song
Airplane arrival scheduling using a set partitioning-based branch-and-price method 2018Korea Aerospace Research Institute
Sang-Hyeon Kim
CNN-aided target tracking filter using monocular vision sensor2018Cheongju University
Jung-Su Ha
Multiscale methods for high-dimensional optimal control and planning in robotics 2018University of Stuttgart & The Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Lebsework Negash Lemma Resilient networking and cyber attack detection in cyber-physical systems 2018AAU/AAiT
Doo-Hyun Cho
Tour generation of heterogeneous nonholonomic sensor platforms 2019Samsung Electronics
SungHyun Moon
Reconstruction of multiple image-based high-resolution digital elevation model using planetary reflectance 2020Samsung Electronics
Juhyung Kim
Information processing and resource allocation in intelligent radar systems against ballistic objects 2020Republic of Korea Navy
Hyuck-Hoon Kwon
A convex programming approach on mid-course trajectory optimization for air-to-ground missiles 2020LIG Nex1
Hyojung Ahn
Deep neural networks based anomaly detection models for aerospace system 2020Korea Aerospace Research Institute
Soon-Seo Park
Bayesian learning and planning methods for partially observable dynamical systems 2020NCSOFT
Seok-Woo Kim
Sampling-aided Wind Estimation for Air-to-Surface Missiles in Flight Tests2021Agency for Defense Development
Iksoo Kim
Closed-Form Impact-Angle-Control Guidance of Nose-Dive Missiles for Maximum Terminal Speed2021Agency for Defense Development
Hyo-Seon Chi
A Practical Optimal Guidance Scheme Under Impact Angle and Terminal Acceleration Constraints2021Agency for Defense Development
Hoonhee Lee
Landmark Characterization based on Lunar Image using Deep Artificial Neural Network2021Korea Aerospace Research Institute
Woo Cheol Lee
Semantic-Spatial Relation-based Exploration in Uncertain Environment2022Samsung Electronics
Daniel Lee
Decentralized linear optimal control for cooperative networked teams via invariant subspace decomposition2022Postdoctoral Researcher, LiCS
Ho-Yeon Kim
Distributed routing and rebalancing optimization for autonomous mobility-on-demand system2022Samsung Electronics
Hyeok-Joo Chae
Domain-abstraction based learning methods for online planning2022NCSOFT



M.S. Alumni

NameThesis TitleGraduation YearEmployer
SungHoon Kim
Decentralized task re-planning approaches with en route information rewards 2013Agency for Defense Development
Byeongmin Jeong
MDP-based multi-agent surveillance mission planning 2014Korea Aerospace Industries
Sun-jo Jeong
Dispatching rule-based air traffic scheduling in terminal airspace 2014Defense Agency for Technology and Quality
Min-Won Seo
Sum-of-squares based analysis and synthesis of missile autopilot 2015University of Califonia, Irvine
Inseon Shin
Piecewise-linear approximation method for static weapon-target assignment 2016Hanwha
Jin-Su Han
Trajectory design for ball juggling with quadrotors 2017Defense Agency for Technology and Quality
Seong-Jin Kim
A study on a distributed task allocation technique for disaster response 2018Samsung Electronics
Kyoung Keun Park
Scheduling method for space situational awareness radar considering orbit covariance and collision probability 2018Korea Aerospace Industries
Sun-Ho Lee
Multi-target tracking with airborne images using convolution neural network 2018Republic of Korea Army
Young Jin Park
Interpretable unsupervised learning of bayesian nonparametric dynamic state-space model 2019NAVER Corporation
Jaebong Song
Hybrid control trajectory optimization for air-breathing hypersonic vehicle 2019Twinny Robotics
Hanvit Kim
Path planning of a quadrotor for a safety landing with the loss of propellers 2020Thor Drive
Do-Un Kim
Ground Moving Target Tracking Filter Considering Terrain and Kinematics2021Thor Drive
Hyeon-Mun Jeong
Online Detection and Estimation of Safe Landing Zone2022Thor Drive
Minjoon Lee
Distributed Task Scheduling Algorithm for Agile Earth Observation Satellites2022Defense Agency for Technology and Quality

Research Scientist

Youngjae Min
2020-2021Massachusetts Institute of Technology